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Jack O’Neill takes great pride to feature America’s best Surfboard Shapers with “Support Your Local Shaper” collaboration T Shirts. These shirts will tell their unique stories, highlight the contributions of progress that many follow, translate the mischief and humor that often surrounds them, showcase the fine details that go into their finished crafts and honor their passion that makes it possible for all of us to ride.

Our first master craftsman features shaper RICH HARBOUR from Seal Beach California – “It was 1959 and the blank was purchased from Walker Foam…….” the shaping story begins at the curious young age of 15, cutting blanks in half with a handsaw, gluing in stringers and making fins in Mom’s baking pans……..classic surf ingenuity. Rich is still shaping boards in Seal Beach today and has quite a few dedicated followers – a few of them came up with the quotes and layout concepts you see in our first collection of “Support Your Local Shapers” collaboration T’s.


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